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Medical coding is among the most in demand professions in the USA and around the world. If you ever had, and still have an interest in the industry of healthcare then the best time to get started is NOW.

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Opinions on Medical Billing Software

We can only tell you what we have heard from other medical billers who have tried certain medical billing and practice management software at their job.

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What We Have Been Told About Medical Billing Software

We heard that Unisyss, which costs nealry $250,000 is limited to how many users can be put online. We also heard Medical Manager is equally expensive, and that Eclipse Practice Management Software is not the cheapest either. We heard Zirmed, which is Internet based, is nice and easy to use when working AR recovery. We were told that Zytec is reasonably priced, probably the least expensive. We've also heard Collaborate MD and Lytec is good, and that DAQ is affordable

Medical Billing requires billing software that can:

(1) Send claims
(2) Send Statements
(3) Electronically document the visit with icd-9 and CPT codes
(4) Document incidents that occur with the account such as \
(a) Patient calls
(b) Non-patient calls
(c) Correspondence received such as subpoenas, medical record requests, denials, attorney requests for statements/records
and how we responded to these incidents.
(4) Scan charts, EOBs and other correspondence.
(5) Perform claims followup and to complete the claims adjudication process.

Look for medical billing software that....

* It has to produce AR reports on demand
* Individual insurance reports
* Individual account report
* Monthly payment report
* Monthly overpayment report
* Monthly adjustment report
* Monthly time payment report
* Debt collection report

*** But don't take our word for it. The above listed medical billing software examples are only the ones we have heard about from other medical billers. The feedback are only their opinions, and solely based on their experience, thus hearsay. You can find medical software vendors and compare them on the Internet. Many offer demos.
As we always recommend, do your homework, but you can only go so far. Again, there are no guarantees for 100% satisfaction. Make sure your contracts are specific, that they address your needs, that they address resolution issues and they work for you. As always, have contracts reviewed by an attorney for your protection.