Medical Coding and Billing


Medical coding is among the most in demand professions in the USA and around the world. If you ever had, and still have an interest in the industry of healthcare then the best time to get started is NOW.

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Medical Coding Jobs MUST Be Filled!
The best time to get started is now

Finding Your Medical Coding Mentor

Medical coding and people in billing need to find a job. In order to find a job they need to understand the process of coding and billing. If you are new to the field, make sure you seek advice from people that are working in the areas that you are still inexperienced. This is not only to get insight in the areas where you need it. This way you are getting to know people you can ask for advice, network with, and fall back on later. Remember, you are there to learn the process, understand the thinking, and get the job done; therefore, try to shadow people who are willing to show you the tricks of the trade. Don't spend time around people who don't understand the process, and are unable to handle the work that needs to get done themselves. That's not why you are there.

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Building Your Confidence

Volunteer! It will give you exposure, and before you expect it, you might just meet someone that can put you in touch with the right people. Call clinics, hospitals, or group practices to ask whether you could do a non-paid part-time internship to gain exposure, and experience. If they are looking for medical coding staff it's also a great way to see whether you will fit in.

Finding Resources

The resources that you need are available; you just have to figure out how to find them, and get them working for you! If you have hotels in your area, check to see if there are any upcoming medical coding seminars, or job fairs to take place. Seminars are excellent places to network, pick up informational pamphlets, and brochures, offer your business card and pad your resume. Also check your local Chamber of Commerce for advice and workshops.