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Medical coding is among the most in demand professions in the USA and around the world. If you ever had, and still have an interest in the industry of healthcare then the best time to get started is NOW.

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Starting a Medical Billing Business From Home

You already have proven that you got what it takes! You got your education, worked as a medical biller, or as a medical coder for some years, made the right contacts and did your research. Now it's time to show that you have what it takes to start your own billing business from home. Doctors love hiring freelance and independent medical billing consultants which are additionally experienced in medical coding simply because they are more cost efficient than permanent full-time in-house staff, however, most doctors want someone who they know, or has been recommended to them, because they don't want to get burned by someone with bad billing methods and poor collection practices.

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Where to Locate Medical Billing Opportunities

To find medical billing opportunities from home look for ads on websites such as, MonsterJobs and, the local newspaper, or buy a few magazines for medical coding and billing professionals. Company advertisements are usually found in the back section, however, you must be careful! When you call ask many questions and keep your private information to yourself until you are sure you are dealing with a serious potential client, or a serious broker, if you are in the market for buying a medical coding or medical billing business offered for sale.

Once you have made the jump from employee to self-employed you become an independent contractor. You then need to focus on local laws and state regulations and finding doctors to build a solid base of clients. Additionally you might have to locate funding sources for the cost involved with your home business start-up and marketing. You may need professional errors and omissions insurance to cover yourself and legal advice to write good contracts. Don't become discouraged, it can be done. We know many medical billers who work off-site from home and communicate with their clients via electronic means.

Start By Being Prepared

Telecommuting from home or establishing your own medical billing and coding business can be a considerable challenge. It usually requires solid experience in the field and having established the right contacts. Taking a look at other businesses similar to the one you would like to start is a very good first step. A strong foundation = key to success! Why do most home business efforts fail? Because working at home requires a job suited for working at home, a home suited for working in, a worker with strong self discipline and if telecommuting a boss who knows how to manage telecommuting employees effectively. Unfortunately, this is not always as easily done as said.

Steve Verno, Certified Biller, shares helpful insights here:
New Clients Marketing Be prepared to start your own business by:

  • developing a business plan 
  • making contacts
  • networking with clients and customers
  • checking on health insurance costs and options
  • running your business part-time if you need the security of your job
  • having financial resources if needed to carry you through the first
  • several months of starting your business
  • reading everything there is on the type of business you wish to start
  • building a consistent client base.

Mastering the Challenges

Taking on Redundant Tasks: Every business has tasks that are interesting, and some that are tedious and boring. If you work from home, guess who has to also do the boring and tedious tasks? When you work at the company's office, everyone can understand why you where unable to accomplish much on a bad day. It likely was the result of normal interruptions, and disruption within the business, but when you work from home, everybody expects that everything goes smoothly. If you didn't complete a task on time, very likely you will either have to work double to make up for lost time, or admit to the boss, or client that you are having problems.

Planning Work Hours and Balancing Family Time: Although you might have some flexibility in work hours, you will find that maintaining a regular schedule and routine is very important for productivity. It provides predictability to your friends and family so they understand when you can be approached and when you may not be interrupted. It is important to set hours for client contact, business operation, breaks and administration. You should also plan activities outside the home and family time. Those who successfully balance their work and family will find that working from home is rewarding and provides a better lifestyle.

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